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Why I love Jon Stewart May 13, 2010

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Is there anything better than catching conservative pundits in outright contradictions? Well, if you said bacon, you’re right. But still, conservative catching is still pretty high on my list.

And this is why I love this clip from The Daily Show, and why I love Jon Stewart in general. Sure it’s easy to call out pundits when they blurt out boldfaced lies, but it’s harder to truly dissect their rhetoric and expose their hypocritical beliefs. And this is exactly what Stewart does in the following clip, and may I say, he does it to perfection.

Even if you’re a conservative, please enjoy this video and admit that Stewart got them all.


Not Emmer May 3, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Politics.
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Remember that guy Tim Tebow? And remember how I said I would like to see anyone else picked in the draft? Well, I have a new name to add to the Do-Not-Pick list:

Rep. Tom Emmer.

And while the state¬†gubernatorial election is not the same as the NFL draft, I have the same animosity for Emmer that I did for Tebow. Basically it comes down to this: Minnesota, don’t pick Emmer.

I’m still not sure who would be the best candidate to take over Tim Pawlenty’s spot, but after reading this story it became quite clear who I don’t want.

Emmer is a far right-wing Republican who apparently hopes to crush health care reform and almost secede from the union by nullifying all federal law unless approved by a two-thirds majority in the Minnesota state legislature. This same man called the new Arizona immigration bill a “wonderful first step.”

Oh yeah, and Sarah Palin supports him whole-heartedly.

What more reason do we need not to elect him?

Emmer represents the kind of crazy far-right politics that have made the GOP cannon fodder for comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. We don’t need another late-night joke running our state.

Minnesotans it’s up to you to decide who will be our next governor, but please, let’s make sure it’s Not Emmer.