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Jon Rauch May 13, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Sports.
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Keeping in the same hopeful Twins vein, I just read an article from the Star Tribune on Jon Rauch and oddly enough, it reminded me of how well he is doing this season. He is 9-for-9 in save opportunities which ties him for third in the American League. He seems to be pitching really well and has been a great replacement for the injured Joe Nathan so far this season.

Now, a couple weeks back I had a girl tell me that Jon Rauch is better than Joe Nathan…..needless to say I was unconvinced. And I still am. But I have really been impressed by the big guy and I’m really just extremely happy that the team found a solution to its closer problem.

Now as a sports fan I of course realize how much jinxing power these past two posts have. I am always superstitious that as soon as I say something is going really well, that it will immediately tank. And while I’m not trying to get ahead of myself and I’m only saying he has done well SO FAR, and the club is doing well SO FAR, it’s probably best to knock on wood anyway.



1. Peter - May 13, 2010

I think J Rauch is a great replacement for Nathan. Its hard to complain when the guy is 9 for 9. Minnesota has a good looking lineup and they have been playing well this year. Too early to be talking about a World Series?

2. James P - May 13, 2010

twins never should have gotten rid of nathan. sure rauch is 9 for 9 but the twins are known for their defense its not exactly like they are going to be giving a lot of runs. great defensive plays have given rauch. its too early to call with rauch he could develop into a very solid player but it is too early to say

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