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Not Tebow (Round 2) April 27, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Sports.
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Although this post is admittedly late, I thought I would be doing my readers an injustice if I did not follow up on the NFL draft.

In Round 2 the Vikings selected, you guessed it, Not Tebow!

They actually drafted some guy named Chris Cook that nobody’s ever heard of (I would supply a highlight reel but there aren’t any), and that’s fine with me, because he’s Not Tebow!

Now, maybe five years from now when Tebow leads the Broncos to Super Bowl victory I will be eating my words, but for now I could care less. Let the Broncos have the Kleenex sponsorship (Tebow would be a great spokesman) and let us keep our sanity and faiths to ourselves.

I like the Cook pick, and I even like the Toby Gerhart pick. I think we will have another strong team this year capable of going far in the playoffs and best of all, Tim Tebow will not be on our team.



1. Tony Roe - April 28, 2010

The Cook pick was a disaster. Mediocre in run support, incredibly weak (only did 7 reps on the bench press I believe at the combine), and isn’t a burner. He’s got decent cover skills, sure, but there were better corners available at that point, IMO. He would have been available later in the round, or if not, they could have taken Spievey, who would have fit beautifully into the Cover-2 scheme.

I would have preferred to see them take Jimmy Clausen at 34 and Amari Spievey at 62. To me that looks like a better draft than Chris Cook at 34 and Toby Gerhart at 51.

2. Alex Seidenstricker - April 28, 2010

As a faithful Packer fan all I can say is I wish Tim Tebow would be wearing purple this upcoming season. He could have been tutored behind the greatest quarterback of all time, Brett Favre. Even though Minnesota did not pick Tebow they had a decent draft, I especially liked the pick of Toby Gerhart. He will be a good compliment to Adrain Peterson. I do hope to see Favre come back this year, however at mid-season it would be in his best interest to walk over to the lonely bench so he does not hurt himself and end what has been an amazing career. At the end of the season I predict the Pack to be BACK on top of the NFC North! Good luck this season boys.

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