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Not Tebow April 22, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Sports.
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So the NFL Draft is tonight. And guess what? Tim Tebow is still available to be drafted.

Despite all my wishing that he will bow out and decide to become a full time crybaby, he is still available. And there is really only one thing I want to see from tonight’s draft: that Tebow will still be available after the Vikings make their pick.

I guess someone can sabotage their own team and pick him up before the Vikings pick, that would be fine too. But I just really don’t want Tebow on my team. I don’t doubt his competitive nature, he has shed enough losing tears to prove that I guess. I doubt his skill.

I don’t care if Favre is coming back or not, I just don’t want him on this team. Too big of a personality for a team that is on track toward Championships. We need to put faith in a proven QB (Big Ben anyone?) and not set our sights on Tebow’s potential.

As I already said, I think we should trade up for stud CB Eric Berry, but if not, anyone is fine, as long as that anyone is not Tebow.



1. Alex - April 28, 2010

Yeah man no Tebow and I am all about Eric Berry. We got some good ones though.

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