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To the best February 8, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Sports.
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I, like so many millions of others around the globe, watched the Super Bowl. And I, like so many Vikings fans, was haunted by the thought that I should have been watching the Purple People Eaters play for their first title. But alas, it was not meant to be. Ans as I watched the Saints clinch victory on a Reggie Wayne drop, I was comforted by one thought: we lost to the best.

It would be easy for Vikings fans to hate the Saints after they knocked our team out of the playoffs, and it’s even easier to hate them while watching them rejoice after a Super Bowl win. But my dear Vikings fans, think of how much worse it would have been to watch the Saints get shutout in a 42-0 loss. That kind of game would have only added to the pain because it would have strengthened the belief that we should have beaten the Saints two weeks ago. Instead, we can say we lost to the best, that nobody, not Peyton, not Brett, nobody could beat the Saints.

No sports fan wants to see their team lose, ever. But if you’re going to lose, lose to the best. So Vikings fans I say to you, at least we lost to the best, and next year let’s be the best.



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