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From foe to friend January 28, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Sports.
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With the Vikings loss last Sunday and the ever dismal Timberwolves playing for the top pick in the draft, professional sports in Minnesota have seen better days. So it came as a surprise when I found out that Jim Thome, a player with a stark fondness for hitting balls high over the Metrodome’s right-field baggie, would be entering Target Field next year in a Twins uniform. Thome is not the only White Sox player in recent years to come over to the good side of the force. Last year Joe Crede joined the squad, a player for whom I must admit I had a strong hatred when he wore black and white (probably because he always seemed to have his best games against the Twins). And while I have never felt the same kind of animosity against Thome (I have in fact always had a great deal of respect for the guy), it will be nice not having to play against him. So to make this perfectly clear: I like Jim Thome, have always liked him, and now can do so without the fear that I am essentially cheering for the bad guy in the movie.

And yet, I wonder if the addition of an aging power-hitter will be enough to propel the Twins from a franchise that always has to play better than their payroll would predict, to a team with true talent. I have heard the rumors about possibly acquiring Orlando Hudson, and let me say I am all for it. But watching last season I noticed that power was not exactly the team’s weakness. Where I, and most likely anyone else who saw us play, think we really need to improve is our starting rotation. Our pitchers were hardly average, and not to mention the our bullpen’s struggle with consistency. I applaud the Bill Smith’s efforts to add big-name players, but how about some pitchers?



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