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The better team January 26, 2010

Posted by jdoetkott in Sports.
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Admittedly this post comes, in the eyes of the internet world, an eternity after yesterday’s Vikings-Saints NFC Championship game. But had I joined the rest of the world’s bloggers and went straight to my computer after the game, this post would have been filled with more profanity than, well, a Vikings game. I was so angered by the loss, and the way in which the loss occurred, that I struggled (and failed) to keep my composure, opting  instead for excessive shouting and pouting. And in the last day, as I slowly cooled down and tried to regain the fabled “Minnesota nice,” I began to wonder what it was about the loss made me so mad.

Did I believe this was our year? Maybe. Did I think Favre was our Super Bowl ticket? Not really. So what was it that made me yell profanities so loud that it made someone come down the hall to see if things were ok?

And after some pondering I think I have come up with the answer: We were the better team, and we didn’t win. I think there is nothing more irritating to a true sports fan. To know that your team had everything they needed to succeed, and yet, failed.

Yes, the Vikings defense failed to take advantage of some opportunities, but they were able to slow down the Saints enough to keep the game in reach. And that’s all you can ever ask of a defense, it then becomes the offense’s job to go out and score enough points to win. And when looking at the offense, it is hard to put the blame on any one player or part of the team. The offensive line played poorly, but I thought Favre was supposed to have the composure and resilience to overcome that. Or maybe that was just every single analyst on t.v. that said that, not sure. What it really comes down to is the turnovers. If Brad Childress does not hire a Hands Coach immediately, than he is a worse coach than I thought. And that’s after he left Peterson in the game way too long.

Yes, the Vikings played sloppy, poor football. But if they were able to take the Saints, an admittedly very good team, into overtime while playing sloppy, poor football, then doesn’t it seem like they were the better team? But as they say, they weren’t the better team when it mattered. In the end, that’s all that matters, and it makes it so much harder to take.



1. Mikey B - January 26, 2010

We my friend, are of one mind when it comes to this loss. In the stat line the Viking’s offense was on fire except for the turn overs. Brett was getting beat up but he didn’t get sacked. He did a great job getting the ball out of his hands quickly and for the most part did a great job. The INTS where the right kind of playoff INTS. The wrong kind illustrated my T-Jack last year, telegraphing a pass to one receiver. Brett’s First pick was thrown when he was super under pressure. He couldn’t even step into the pass. The second, came while throwing on the run looking down the field (something he had done very very well this year up to that point). I believe the ankle injury he suffered and fought through was really bothering him when he was rolling out. As a right handed QB rolling to the right and throwing across your body, most QBs fail most of the time. Brett failed this time because of the small difference between the velocity of the ball when he has a heathy ankle as to when his ankle is sprained. This is Brett Favre’s weakness. He tries to do too much when he shouldn’t. Brett Favre is a playmaker and when his body is underneath him, his mind is straight and he can make any throw on the field, even at forty years old. When he gets injured his body is not underneath him, but his mind is still looking to make the plays he makes when he is heathy. Hence, the INT at the end of regulation and his collapse last year. Adrian Peterson, however, is very annoying. He can be amazing. No, hold on, he’s always amazing. When AD gets the ball, it’s always a big play. Either the defense stops him or he makes them look retarded; he coughs the ball up and shoots his team in the foot. Everyone thought that for the Vikings to win AD had to carry them. At this point he can’t carry and NFL team in this league of QBs unless he learns how to hold on to the ball. An NFL RB and a NFL QB should not have comparable turnover stats, but Adrian Peterson, statistically was just about as prone to turning the ball over as Brett Favre. This is not okay. We need a QB to win a super-bowl however it is not only a QB.

2. RichieZ23 - January 28, 2010

You make a valid point about being the better team regarding the stat line, however the better team finds a way to win.

The better team doesnt turn the ball over five times, several of which giving away scoring opportunities.

However, you clearly outplayed NO, and quite possibly were the better team.

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